Grief Recovery

Grief is a confusing, tangled and painful process of discovering how to live, feel, cope and heal in the midst of coming to terms with loss. No one should have to face grief alone.

LCS offers grief counseling in small groups where for six 1½ hour sessions, you will learn about the stages of grief and explore your feelings about the loss you have experienced. Our goal is not to make grief disappear, but to equip the group's participants with the tools needed for lifelong healing and understanding. Under the guidance of a professional Christian counselor or trained facilitator, you will learn how you can live with the grief associated with loss.

Luther Crest
Allentown, PA
October 9 to November 6
Monday mornings from 10:30am to noon
(Must register by October 1)

St. John's Lutheran Evangelical Lutheran Church
Kutztown, PA
October 3 - November 7
Tuesday evenings from 7pm to 8:30pm
(Must register by September 28)

St. John's United Church of Christ
Emmaus, PA
October 5 - November 9
Thursday evenings
(Must register by September 30)

To find out more about scheduling and supporting a 6 week grief support group in your area or a 2 hour “Path of Grief” one-time event, contact Bereavement Coordinator Sylvia Havlish at 610.395.5045.

Thrivent Action Team grants ($250) can be used to cover part of the cost of a grief support group or the entire cost of a “Path to Grief” session.

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